Airlines - Asiana Airlines | Taken over by Korean Air

According to various news reports, South Korea’s second carrier Asiana Airlines is being taken over by their rival Korean Air. There will be one less market player for regional and long-haul flights. I didn’t fly them regularly, but when I did it was a solid experience.

Asiana RIP.



Terrible customer service, but great prices and pretty decent Korean food on their long-haul flights. Korean Air sucks, so this is not good news.

I also enjoyed their tasty food (better than any of the Taiwan carriers—don’t get me started about them). Their cabin service was more than OK for me—though I’m unsure what it was like to deal with any complex ticketing issues as my flights went without a hitch.

But yes Korean Air does not have the best of reputations, from the nut gate incident and beyond.


You’re preaching to the choir. Even EVA, which excels in other areas, serves pig slop for food. :nauseated_face:


That’s too bad. I always enjoyed their cheaper pricing and decent flights. A Hong Kong discount airline went tits up, and a Japanese one too. We are losing a lot of cheaper choices

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Does this new airline retain Star Alliance status? Or Skyteam?

If it’s pure SkyTeam that’s going to be a major blow for ICN as a North Asia hub.

Since Asiana will be folded into Korean Air, it’ll be Skyteam, which will effectively have a stranglehold on ICN.


Based on what I have read, it seems that at least initially Asiana and Korean Air will both continue to exist under the holding company Hanjin KAL.

That being said, I am sure they will eliminate redundant flights and hike prices quickly.

That’s really a shame. They had great business class deals to the US and the easiest program to get (and keep for 2 years) Star Alliance gold status.

Probably an indirect casualty of COVID.

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Yes it is, as Asiana’s earlier white knight investor—the Hyundai group—could not come to an agreement about an acceptable price amidst the COVID shocks, and the deal fell through.


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I thought the service was fine, the lounge in ICN was just ok though. Will miss the extra choice of airlines and the AB-380’s, though there was quite a few Korean Airlines flying to Taiwan and Japan, in Japan I like a new airline Star , thought they flew to Taiwan too.

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Same here. That’s one smooth ride. :+1:

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Which lounge was it that you used? Was it terminal 2’s Matina lounge? If yes, would you recommend it?

Korean Air seems to be the only airline offering direct flights from London to SK due to British Airways and other airlines being banned from Russian airspace, so the prices are pretty high. Lack of competition!

The whole problem with Russian aerospace has affected a host of routes around the world . . .


I do not know the names, but went to both the main terminal and mid field one, the EVA air one in Taipei is better and KHH has small but nice EVA air lounge. In Asia-Pacific I like the Air New Zealand ones the best, even small New Zealand Airports have a nice one. STAR (for Asiana/EVA/United) at LAX has has nice one, a new one. The Asiana ones are OK, and I guess will not be better as the airline goes away.