Airlines from Hong Kong to Taichung?

Hi guys,

I have a friend coming to visit me in a couple of weeks and she is in Hong Kong for a month for a a biz trip. We have been trying to find flights for her to leave from Hong Kong and arrive in Taichung, but no luck so far.

She also told me she found something but it was in Chinese and said she would send it to me later.

She just wants a cheap airlines to fly to Taichung…is that possible?

But if she had no choice and arrived in Taipei or Kaohsiung, are there buses she can take to Taichung directly from the airport?

Unfortunately, I don’t know this stuff yet, because my company has organized a lot of this stuff for me when I first arrived so I have no idea!

OK, thanks!


As far as I know, Taichung has no international airport. But there are buses from TPE to Taichung.

MAndarin airlines flies Embraer E195 to and from TAichung and HK and a few other Asian destinations. Give them a call.

As far as I know, Taichung has no international airport. But there are buses from TPE to Taichung.[/quote]

They moved the airport from the city to an airbase near Shalu/Cingshui and called it international. HK is the only intl destination so far.

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Dragonair also (apparantly) do HKG-RMQ flights now.
I say apparantly as I couldn’t see prices on their site for this, but there’s lots of info around on their 4-weekly service if you Google.

The HKG/RMQ flights are technically (per IATA) all charters, vs. scheduled service, even though they are scheduled. Because of that distinction, the flights don’t show up in “databases of scheduled flights”, e.g., Orbitz, Sidestep, etc. You must use the airline websites or the RMQ website
(which only works with IE, not Firefox).

Dragonair are pulling their Taichung-HKG service from 01-Jun-09.
That leaves Hong Kong Express and Mandarin Air serving the route.

English speaking agent located in Taichung with experience in dealing with the Taichung airport. There are also flights to Vietnam from here.