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" Taiwan - New Zealand Economy Class

The singular flight is beyond imagination. New Zealand Airlines’ direct flight from New Zealand to New Zealand officially opened on November 1st …" Google translation.

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Yeah… about 1.5 month too late for my honeymoon…

Though NZ is totally awesome.

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When can we expect wee @hansioux persons?

Best tasting economy meal I’ve ever had on any airline was on Air NZ to Auckland from HK over a decade ago. The wife and I still talk about it whenever we come upon inedible stuff on most other airlines.

Air NZ Premium Economy has apparently won some awards. Looks like a nice way to fly!

According to a media release, here are some of the flight details. This won’t be daily service (“up to five times a week”), so it appears they are targeting leisure travellers here, not business people:

Air New Zealand’s Auckland - Taipei schedule from 1 November 2018 is as follows:

Flight Number Departs Arrives Aircraft type
NZ77 Auckland 10:35am Taipei 4:50pm Boeing 787-9
NZ78 Taipei 6:30pm Auckland 10:20am+1 Boeing 787-9

Yes, is nice way to fly, I have tried business class on the AKL-HND (Tokyo City) and it was great, like it better than the EVA Air Taipei-Brisbane (which does not have flat bed seats, which is bad for a long flight).

Wish my boss would send me to NZ. I can imagine the look when I say I’m off to spend a week there :grin:. I don’t think anybody from our company has visited in this century (except for the Aussies they don’t count :laughing:).

Air New Zealand is set to resume its nonstop Auckland - Taipei service in August.

I wonder what’s up as there’s still an entry ban on foreign nationals and nonpermanent residents to enter New Zealand. Cargo? I can’t quite figure this out.



It seems one flight per month, not much. I guess mostly returning Kiwis.


It’s just for me. In case I needs to get home. Also I think the article has an error. There’s no self isolation, you are taken to a designated quarantine hotel. And unless you stay in NZ it’ll cost you NTD 60,000.

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A day!? or for 14 days?

Strange. No press release / media info about this on the Air NZ website. Did they just post it on the Taiwan site?



14 days

That’s still more expensive than any of the places I stayed in NZ, but I suppose it comes with 3 meals a day?


Yeah there’s no direct flights in the system. Flights via HK or Tokyo for around 22k one way.


For a local’s perspective of the cuisine scene, consider a Taipei Eats tour. It’s an off-the-beaten-path progressive dinner of night market street food, complete with a guide who speaks English. You’ll discover the classic flavours of Taipei, such as stinky tofu and blood cake, as well as some you didn’t know existed, like deep fried milk and da chang bao xiao chang (small sausage wrapped in a big sausage).

Coffee has been a part of Taipei culture since Fong Da coffee house opened in 1956. Fong Da is still going strong, using vintage equipment to create modern caffeine fixes - even cold-drip coffee.

Leave AUG 4 about NZ$2,300 return (about NT45,000) non stop Boeing 787-9 return Sept 16,



There is nothing there about the new flights / resumed service.

Stay focused, Connie! :rofl:


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