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So I’ve booked a few flights with Qatar Airways coming up as I mostly fly with One World these days. I’ve heard good things but sadly they seem to be taking a strange approach to bad reviews.

Makes me a bit uneasy to travel to these kinds of countries tbh. Behind the luxury and money is still very questionable views of human rights and treatment of people.

Cahill can be a bit prescious and a drama queen, check some other independent reviewers (i.e.not Sam Chui!) before making a decision. He had something similar going with Malaysian airlines too if I remember correctly, it’s all about the views!

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This is not new, and it’s not just Qatar.

If you’re using them with points, I’d say just enjoy your flight.


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They wanted an increase in flights to Australia, but got knocked back, mainly due to their Governments attitude to women (A strip search of many women after a foetus was found in a toilet at Doha airport didn’t sit well).

Reading Cahill’s review and it seems that the Airline is treating their crew badly since Covid-19 when they had their pay cut and not restored, low bonus, layover times shortened, poor service to South Asian places, yada yada yada. It seems that the Foreign crew (ie, probably all their crew) need an Exit visa to leave Qatar each time, and they dare not say anything that could cause jail time in addition to loss of job.

Passengers at the pointy end get good treatment, those down the back less well, though Qatar are not alone there lately. So the treatment of the crew rubs off on the passengers. Apparently all the crew on the flights in Cahill’s review got the sack.

They wanted Cahill to remove the video, and even offered him a free flight - which he knocked back (and mentioned Sam Chui in saying that). Cahill did agree to blurring crew faces, and did so, even though they had agreed to his filming them.

It also seems that their Skytrax awards were bought (why is nobody surprised in that).

As an aside, the first time that my partner booked a flight with them an email turned up a few hours later, demanding a copy of the Credit Card Statement for the Card used for the purchase (not with the purchase on it, that doesn’t show for weeks) to be sent to them - really!!!. Turned out this was the alternative to presenting the Credit Card when checking in, so it was decided to follow that path - and guess what, check-in didn’t ask for it!!!)

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I have to say, Qatar business class is the best overall experience in business class flights for long haul.

I was in the business class lounge in Doha and ordered steak and sushi. Wasn’t the best but was tasty enough to satisfy me.

I like their signature welcome drink when you get on board. It’s like a minty drink.

I got the Q suite and it was spacious. You can make it into a 2 person and even a 4 person suit.

The divider can completely go down and the seats and basically become a bed for you and your travel partner.

I played some games during my flight with a class of champagne.

The cabin crew service was probably the best I’ve experienced. Very personal and worked super hard to give you the most comfortable experience. There’s even nice pajamas you can wear.

Food on the flight was quality and plenty of alcoholic and nonalcoholic drink choices. But my only knock was not enough food. For example Japan Airlines has an extensive a la cart food service on demand. Qatar did not. I get hungry and wished there was something more to order to eat later in the flight.


I know one of their stewardesses. She’s Ukrainian.

The carrot, that does not look right to me… :laughing:

I flew from Hamad to BKK with them again. I was really excited to fly in a A380 double decker.

Great experience once again

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