🛬 🛫 Airplanes | One aeroplane hits another at TPE airport

A321 hits 7 7 7 aircraft at Taoyuan


Well, the good news is no one died…

The bad news is that it’s going to cost several million dollars to fix the damage to both aircraft.

And @QuaSaShao thought renovating another nice Japanese villa was going to be expensive.

The ugly news is that airlines make VERY little profit and such unexpected damage really eats into any meager profit margins they have. They have insurance for these kinds of things, but somebody’s gotta pay it.

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Shouldn’t let Taiwanese operate any type of moving machinery…


What about Thais or Filipinos?

I have no clue. But in my experience Taiwanese operating machinery tend to be suicidal at best and have so little spatial awareness that having blind monkeys operate the equipment would lead to a substantial improvement in public safety. Just see how they behave on the road (the Taiwanese, not the monkeys)!


Yes a lot of money, I wonder if they will make the driver pay some of it. Also the airline will lose a lot more while the aeroplanes get fixed.

Let me guess. The pilot was found with high blood alcohol, and he responded “there are no laws in Taiwan saying a pilot can’t drink and drive. Only drivers can’t drink and drive!”

Oh wait… different incident.

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No way the driver can afford even a portion of the payment. Aircraft repair is expensive as shit.

Also the union may have rules against that, just like a canal authority pilot can’t be faulted for incidents.

They can fire the operator if he was intoxicated or he was just grossly incompetent.

If it can be proven he acted out of malice then they might be able to file criminal or civil charges.

Given the crowd of Aircraft around Maintenance Areas, which I gather was the location of this bump, it’s surprising that there aren’t more. In such cases they usually have a “Wing Walker” who walks along beside to make sure the tight clearances don’t overlap, which probably was the cause of this. Unlike the fights in shopping centre carparks when the owners of two cars fight over who was to blame, at least EVA won’t be having a fight with the owner of the other aircraft, seeing as both were theirs. Two aircraft out of service for a while will impact them, especially if the 777 ding is to the pressure hull.