Airport Boarding Room for Pets?

Here is my story, I will try to keep it simple. I am in Taipei now, two cats are still in HK. I have the import permit, the 180 days of waiting is up on 26 January. The quarantine facility will be closed from 2 February so 26 January is literally the only day they can travel other than paying one more month rent on my flat and shipping them AFTER Lunar New Year.

THEN…the airline threw a monkey wrench into the works- no flights on January 26th and weirdly, doesn’t seem anyone else is flying that day. China Air says no pets from HK to Taipei, Eva said maybe a flight but that plane won’t carry pets.

SO…Cathay will fly the night before and the Animal Quarantine people say they can come in the night before, stay in the airport, and then be transported the next day to the quarantine center.

Is there a boarding facility in the airport? If they stay in their crates, it will be almost 24 hours inside the crate with nowhere to relieve themselves. They won’t allow a litter box from the last time they flew (to HK from the US). Trying to find out the information from the airport but they don’t have anything on their website.

Has anyone had pets spend the night at the airport? Is there a kennel? Happy to pay ANY CHARGES, just would like them to be able to go to the bathroom somewhere. When then came from the US to HK- they took them out in the vet exam room and they ran to the potted plants and peed- for a LONG TIME.

Thanks in advance for your help!

if no one here has any info, you may want to look into getting the info from a Taiwan based pet import company.