Airport limo pickup

anyone know the number so i can have my friend call to arrange limo pick up and drop off for when i arrive from the airport to the apartment I am staying at I am not paying for it so i thought i would go this way instead of taxi :smiley:

send Rascal a PM!


Call 02 - 2531 3600 for limo service, must speak Chinese though. If no receipt is needed the price is cheaper.

thanks for the number I will foward it to my friend so he can arrange it

He can also arrange a Mercedes-Benz to take him to Taipei in style, right at the airport.

Any of the major hotels also have limo/driver services. If you know which hotel he is staying at, you could call and arrange the car through the concierge.

What kind of money are we talking about, and is it a real (read “roomy”) limo? When my father comes to visit, he has trouble fitting into the buses and taxis because he is so tall (6’8" – 203 cm).

The typical version of a limo service is a black Benz. I’ve not seen too many actual limosuines. Kind of a lack of space here in good old Taipei.

The cost from the airport to Taipei is around NT$1200. If the hotel limo service does the driving, it will be about NT$2000 each way.

If I were as tall as your father in law, I’d take one of those big luxury buses with the big individual seats, or take a larger Benz.


Try this number, 0932035110, the guys name is James Wen, his english is not brilliant, but manageable.

He normally picks me up in a Merc S Class, the long wheel base version, so 6’ 8" should not be to much of an issue, the cost form Neihu to CKS is NT$ 1000 each way, unless i am only going for a day or two, then always use him.

You even get a receipt if needed.

NT$900-1000 for the above, nice, big and comfy limo. Used to have a Pullman before.
AFAIK it’s a real limo service which makes some money on the side by playing CKS Airport taxi …