Airport MRT Terminal Access

Anyone know if the new MRT line will actually connect to the terminal for walk on/walk of or will additional transportation be required. Google maps, old, but show it stopping just outside the airport area.

People were not kinder than now 6 yr ago.


Is the Airport MRT line that new? Explains why all the articles online say taxi is the best way into the centre

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Yeah it’s that new.

You have just scrawled Newb all over your face in red marker.:wink::grin:


Newb til I die

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You might still need to take a taxi to your hotel from Taipei Main Station depending on your choice of abode, but since for example Ximending and Zhonghsiao Fuxing are choice locations for tourist hotels and fully accessible by connecting from the MRT, you probably won’t need it.

Extra tip: Beimen as transfer station is less congested…And less walking involved.


Thanks, i agree, top tip! I’ve already been, stayed near Wanlong so would have saved about 900 yuan if i had known about the airport MRT at the time. On the way back, i got the green line to Beimen and then express from there. Fantastic.

Eh? Maybe nobody knew anything.

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Fortunately, it’s not a permanent tattoo! :rainbow:


Actually, the walking from Taipei Main to A1 is now about the same as from Beimen to A1 after they put in the moving walkway between Taipei Main and A1. But Beimen IS less congested.

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Did they do that overnight?

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There’s a short section recently. But nothing really useful. It’s kind of odd when i see it because thinking I’m just walking over there… why do I need that.

Because sometimes if you don’t hop on it and run, you might miss the train, and it’s a 15-minute wait for the next one. Could be the difference between catching a flight and missing it.

Oh I thought talking about the one going the opposite direction from the airport express MRT to Taipei main station.

I’ll say it again: Beimen is better overall. Better decor, better layout, better vibe. :slightly_smiling_face:

Nobody knows anything now but don’t hesitate to respond.

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I like the new Airport MRT and am sort of surprised by the number of people who don’t. I had relatives visit a few months back and their ‘local relatives’ convinced them the MRT was a terrible choice and that taxis were the way to go. Of course, the same people convinced them to hire a taxi from Taipei to Taichung instead of taking that horrid HSR but, still, a lot of people have told me they don’t like the new MRT because they ‘have to walk’.

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The link between stations was poorly designed. You take airport mrts because they are supposed to be fast and efficient to use. I also had a negative impression on the time required.

Except for the faux archaeological dig.

These things suck for reasons. When you build something in an urban center, you have to work around what’s already there, which is likely to be a mess.

For example, they could bulldoze Sanchong and put in something nice… if they could bulldoze Sanchong.