Aiyooo...what to do?

OK, here’s my problem:

I came to Taiwan with a non-extendable 60 days visitor visa to find a job and get a work permit. The job search has turned out not to be as easy as I have hoped and I have the feeling, that I won’t find a job before my visa expires.
So I have decided to take Chinese classes to give myself some more time to search for a job. Now I need to change my visa to an extendable visitor visa. I have read on one of the post here, that one can do this at the BOCA, without leaving the country. So I have called there and Mr. Y. told me that they don’t encourage people to do this, but I could come over and he will see if he can make an exception for me.
So what does this mean? Will Mr. Y. be able and willing to change my visa or will he in the end refuse and I would have to make a visa run?
My problem is time and money. If Mr. Y. won’t help, I’d have to have enough time to make a visa run. So I’d better go there early. When I go see Mr. Y., I’m sure he would want to see the payment repeipt for the tution fee. So do I pay the tution fee now, go to Mr. Y at the BOCA and see if I can get a visa there? Classes start at March 1th. What if I find a job before that and don’t need to go to school anymore? I then payed the tution fee for nothing…
Aiyoo…infact, I know, that I can’t wait much longer until the ultimate job comes around. I guess, I will just have to pay the f…ing tution fee, hope that Mr. Y. will do as I wish and keep looking for job.
Gosh, life can bee so complicated sometimes…

Pay for evening classes sop that if you get a job you can still go. It won’t be for nothing. A few years ago at least, it used ot be fairly easy to change 60-day non-extendable to 60-day extendable. CLD should be able to do this, and unlike CLI they’ll actually teach you Chinese. I think you have to pay 2-3 months tuition and maybe wtiea paragraph about why you want to study Chinese or something liek that.


How do you know whether your visa is extendable? I have a 2-month visitor visa. It doesn’t say non-extendable on it. When I got it I told the visa office I wanted to travel in Taiwan, but actually I am studying Chinese at TLI. I didn’t tell the visa office I wanted to study Chinese because TLI didn’t send me the paperwork needed to prove this. So do you think I will be able to extend my visa?

It should say on the visa whether it is extendable or not. Have a careful look again. BTW, I don’t think they gave you an extendable one, if you didn’t ask for it.

I’m thinking of takeing early morning classes at Chinese Culture Uni. What are CLD and CLI?

CLI - Chinese Language Institute
CLD - Chinese Language Development

If it doesn’t have a stamp on it saying “no extension will be granted” (or something liek that) then it is extendable. You were lucky.