Alan Partridge

For the humour-challenged (viz. Dave Chappelle, or whatever), here’s what’s called funny.

Alan Partridge radio interview (video starts on click)

Couldn’t agree more! What the people of Taiwan needs is more exposure to people with the style and class of Mr Partridge. That would get this place livened up! Sadly the Tai Tai thinks its just ‘crazy English humour’ :loco: Got to go, the Tai Tai is calling for her slave!! :blush:

myself, DM, Irishstu and TomHill have long talked about the greatness that is Alan Partridge…

you should also get your hands on Darkplace, not Partridge related, but UK comedy genius

Yup! If you want some great pre-Partridge stuff, try to find some “Paul Calf” stuff: