Alarmingly high staff turnover

Although I’m no longer a full-time staff member of a certain buxiban, I am the only one (including management) still working there after only three years. Could this be the way things work here? On the other hand, at a kdgtn I once worked at, most of the staff I worked with are still working there. The only difference I could detect was the principal’s attitude towards other people including her staff. She thought nothing of spending her own money (lots) to entertain them, for instance. Besides that, one could tell that she gave a damn.

That’s not too bad, i’ve been at my school for 11 months and it’s gone through complete staff turnover in that time. Only myself and the management are still there, everyone else is new.

It’s entirely down to one manager who’s a bit of a @*&!. Luckily he doesn’t speak english so i don’t have to deal with him.

Staff turnover is largely the result of management. Competent management will inspire confidence in the staff to stay. Incompetence just drives staff away.

For bosses, staff turnover DIRECTLY correlates to student turnover. The more the teachers quit, the more the students do, too.


I work at a place with amazingly high turnover too, and it is definitely related to poor management style.

The next question is - Why (do you work there)?

It’s not like jobs are so scarce you have to settle for crap.

i work for myself, and while the management might not be all that much better, the complaints have stopped. also, no one’s quit … yet :slight_smile:

There are seven positions at my buxiban. in three years, only three positions have turned over. but they have turned over and over and over.


The next question is - Why (do you work there)?

It’s not like jobs are so scarce you have to settle for crap.[/quote]
The management treats the foreign employees far better than they treat the local employees. The boss doesn’t bother us translators.

The high turnover is among the local employees, not us.

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