Albuterol cycles - Normal?

A few days into my first Albuterol cycle. Never used it or clen before, but is it normal to have cramping? If so, what can I do to alleviate it? I have Taurine coming because I know it deletes it. Good results so far with lots of cardio and a restricted diet I’m losing about a half kilo a day and can see a difference between the roads already.

I think you’ve mistaken forumosa for a bodybuilding site.

If you’re attempting a cutting cycle, cardio and a “restricted diet” have nothing to do with fat loss. Your half-a-kilo a day loss is probably mostly water and muscle, and your cramps are probably electrolyte imbalance. It’s physically impossible to burn fat that fast.

FWIW the repartitioning effect of beta-agonists is still poorly understood and only seems to happen at dangerously high doses, so some side-effects are inevitable.

I doubt it’s water because I’m lean and stay well hydrated. Plus I take 2.5mg Femara a week. I’m on enough anabolics that I don’t think I’m losing muscle either. I’m taking 36mg/day.