Alec of Taipei Bike Works - Accident & Road to Recovery

Thought I’d get this up here for the exposure.

The fundraising page is here:

The little I’ve heard is Alec, and a few others, were riding down yangmingshan. I know no details of the accident, but his injuries to his leg(s?) and more importantly his hips, will require more than one surgery, possibly over the next 6 months. Physical therapy will be ongoing afterward.

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Oh, damn, was this the accident discussed here?

Yes it was that accident. They got his name wrong in the article.



Honestly, I don’t know why but I thought of him when I knew about that crash, but the article mentioned an “Eric”, so I felt relieved that it wasn’t him.

Now… maybe it was a typo and it was a different crash, or the reporter misheard his name.

Alec doesn’t have new rides in Strava since Apr 13, which is unusual for him.

Take care and recover soon, Alec.


I’m sorry for Alec. He’s a phenomenal rider, I hope he recovers soon.

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Does he have NHI or is it useless for personal accident events?

I’m not familiar enough with the system and what it covers regarding acute injury and long term care, but I presume so.

While NHI covers basic medical, this fellow pet owner and family man will be out of work and needs assistance for several months. If you can help, please do.

Hoy por ti, mañana por mí.


NHI covers things like that, but don’t expect top notch care.

With basic insurance you might need to wait some time until you can get surgery. You share the hospital room with other patients. And they will only use medicines which are covered by NHI even if there are better ones.

For this reason we have additional medical insurance, which is quite pricey.
But it saved us millions when my MIL needed surgery to remove cancerous tissue. And FIL was hit by a car on scooter. He had surgery immediately with new type of medicine applied to bone, that healed the broken bone very quickly.

So even if you are covered by NHI some treatments are proposed by hospital which are out of pocket (or need extra medical insurance).


Do you mind sharing some details on this? How much is pricey?!

NHI is great for basic stuff but as others have said sometimes there are better options but they won’t be covered as they are pricier. A simple example is pain relief post-surgery, you get basic pain-meds but if you want ‘more’ such as a morphine injection machine (press the button and get morphone - upto the limit) then that is ‘extra’ and not covered.

BTW - get the morphine kit - that stuff is amazing.

Isn’t morphine addictive? Is the basic painkiller also addictive?

What is the basic painkiller? Just aspirin?

Yes it’s addictive. Also rather useful for pain.

(And also feels quite wonderful, at least the first couple of times. I found it worryingly moreish though.)


Of course it’s addictive. It’s pretty much diamorphine (heroin).

For serious pain you’ll get demerol or tramadol.

Good to know…

I don’t have any private insurance, can barely afford NHI as it is…

I try to stay away from accidents whenever I can.

Well, that’s the point really. None of us wants one and they kinda sneak up on you and mug you from behind.

That’s a novel approach. If you were trying to have them, they wouldn’t be accidents.


Varies a lot by the coverage, age and gender.
For my family and my wife’s parents we pay 200k per annum. As I mentioned it saved us millions in medical cost.


Pretty much exactly my experience with it, the machine you hook you up to have pre-set limits in it and a button to push for ‘more’. If you’ve hit the time/day limits you don’t get more. It’s a lovely button to push thou.

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I had my ear nearly cut off in 98. They had this nifty button on the rail of the bed.

My mother would sit and talk with me. She called it my “pause button”.

I’d grunt, tap that puppy and pass out mid sentence. According to her, 20 minutes later I would finish my sentence.