Alexander Gym complaint

I just joined an Alexander Gym…the new one in DaZhi. It’s a great gym, but it doesn’t open until 7am, which I find rather strange.

Do all Alexander Gyms open that late? I mean, what about those of us who like to get up early to swim or something? I have to be at work at 8am.

When I signed up, I recall them telling me that it opened at 6am…

but you know how things are “lost in translation.”

It’s ironic how senior citizens exercise at 5:30am, but the rest of the population can’t conceive of getting up that early to work out. I only say this because I’ve joined 4 different gyms here, and none of them have opened before 6am.

Alexander gyms all have different opening hours. I go to ones in Warner Village (NY, NY and Neo19) and although they’re 100m apart and belong to the same chain, they open at totally different times. I think Neo 19 one is open all night some nights, but I haven’t checked.

One thing you should look out for is that all AGs are closed for maintenance one Monday each month. First or second Mon, can’t remember which.

i have the same issue.

the zhonghe branch opens at 6am, and has a great pool. crowded sunday afternoons.

the neo 19 branch open at 6am but is generally crowded, and the pool is often too crowded to swim.

the dun hua/xin ming da dau branch is open at 6am. no pool.