Alishan concert

I have to chauffeur the wife and her friends down to Alishan on Sunday to see some kind of chamber music performance at the top of the mountain at sunrise.

I can’t believe this information is correct and I can’t find anything on the web about it.

Anyone know anything about this? What can I expect (apart from my nipple rings freezing to my skin, that is)?

Was it real? Did you go? Was it cool? Will it happen again?

We went. It was real. It was cool.

Left the cold and rain of Taipei and by the time we hit Jiayi, it was warm, sunny and wonderful.

Since there were women with us, of course, we had to duck and dive through the back streets to avoid the mad serial rapists and trigger-happy gangsters, and we were unable to visit a friend of ours cos she lived on the fifth floor, so of course it was MUCH too dangerous – I didn’t want to “accidentally” fall – but we soon left that sink of death and iniquity behind and got on the Alishan road.

Beautiful evening scenery as the clouds started rolling and swirling down the valleys like white dragons.

Stayed in a nice hotel up there, ate four partridges for dinner by myself (everyone else was veggie), got up at 4 am, took the little train up the hill iin the dark and walked up to the viewing area where, sure enough, there was a 5-piece chamber group (harp, cello, viola and violins) playing show tunes and tangos in 2 degrees celcius.

Sun came up, everybody clapped, back on the train.


sandman, i saw you on TV that day. TVBS, I think.

Yeah, there were a couple of TV cameras there. But there was also a fair sprinkling of foreigners. I was the one in the black coat and the poseur aborigine hat. No problems with the nipple rings either, which was nice.

What sort of establishment gets the Sandman “'nice place” seal of approval?

Gotta run, Chung. But in the above case, warm, clean and inexpensive. More tomorrow.

Looking up info on Alishan for a friend and came across this thread.

I stayed in a very cheap but OK tatami-style place on Alishan run by, but in a separate building from, the Gaofeng hotel. I posted about it over here; [A li shan- accommodations and interesting things to do?
Could be cold in winter though.

Could you post the name of the place you stayed, Sandman?