All 48 European Countries, Ranked by Food/Drink

Really harsh on some countries lol

We really wanted to put Ukraine higher, because we’re full of compassion what with all of the problems with Russia, but all that jellied meat and fermented rye bread kvass and sour milk drinking… we just can’t. I’m sorry.

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Interesting list, for worldwide:

My ranking (not as fond of Euro foods): 1. Japan 2. Mexico 3. USA 4. Taiwan 5. Italy

Germany at number 5.
The land of eating Brokwurst standing up ?:laughing:

I’ll give my top 10 list (of cuisine and countries I’m familiar with ).

China, Taiwan, HK in terms of ethnic Chinese food

Now where you grow up has an influence but I have to say freshness and quality of Irish food and drink is very high especially the seafood.

UK I put in because they do some good desserts and baking.

Stupid list tbh. NL should be much lower. Dutch food is repugnant.

It’s very basic for sure. Cold sandwiches for breakfast , lunch and dinner.

I don’t think the writer has any idea of what good food is. Germany at number 5 is just ridiculous.

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Their croquette (or kroket) is the worst thing ever.

TBF besides Southern Europe + France, the food (as in the national cuisine, not the food scene) in the rest of the countries basically just ranges from bland to TERRIBLE.

Anyway the best cuisines are Japanese, Italian, and Cantonese.

The writer is incorrect about Andorra. I had a local dish of rabbit in tomatoes when I was there. It was very nice.

Can’t argue with Italy at number 1. Traditional British cuisine is a lot more varied than haggis, Welsh rarebit, and fish 'n chips. And it’s considerably better than anything in Germany.

Does “curry” count as UK food, seems very common, like Mexican/Tex-Mex in California or Texas, I very much like Tex-Mex but not sure it’s American or Mexico, so both countries are on my top list.

Don’t forget the sate sauce! Peanut butter!

But, who cares! It’s one of the biggest money makers!

This is clearly legit because Italy is number one. There is no contest.

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It’s the bigge mama’s food that does it.