All about your plants

I have been trying to my transform my black thumb into a green one with several plants in Taiwan. The information I find online about caring for plants is most of the time not suitable for Taiwan’s humid and hot environment. If you have any tips about indoor/outdoor plants please share.

So far the non fail item in Taiwan is definitely mint and ferns. I was surprised to see how well Calatheas behave indoors here, even though they are famous for being very hard to care for plants. My collection is still small they they look just OK, as I am still trying to get the grip of this.

I gave my calathea to a family member and now I got an old and ugly one, will try to make it as beautiful as the other.

Will post here my messy collection

Mother in-law’s tongue: if you kill those one you have super powers

image image image image image image image image image image

The rescued calathea image

Another immortal plant

Didn’t take picture of the other balcony with the rest of it and some indoor ones.

I want to buy a monstera but haven’t found one in the Jianguo flower market yet.

Share your tips and what you have. What is the biggest obstacle you have found in Taiwan when caring for plants?
For me it is to keep a dehumidifier on in the bedroom so that I can save my closet and sanity but my plants hate it.

@MyManInTaiwan maybe can help with the tips input also?


I’ll get some pictures up of my lot tomorrow - but that doesn’t seem like a half bad lot @owleyes!

I’m growing a lot from seed at the moment and I may find that it just wont work. Mostly herby stuff. Stand by to be underwhelmed!

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Excuse me to be rude, but… you are joking, aren’t you?
There are literally hundreds of Taiwanese FB groups about gardening
on the balcony, inside the house, in the yard, on a farm, organic, and even BD

Anyway, having said that, your plants look good. Keep going
Isn’t it a beautiful way to enhance the environment of a house ?

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Yes! Just fertilized my mint for the spring today


I’m planning on growing some spicy peppers myself. They’ve proven surprisingly difficult to find in Italy.


I’ve become obsessed with germinating seeds from fruits and vegetables.
Unfortunately also have recently dealt with mildew rot, aphids and ants. Before that everything was going splendid.

The citrus seem unfazed so far, hearty little plants.
Everything is still in the early stages.

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I have a few house plants which are alive but not exactly prospering, but my recent dabble in indoor microgreens isn’t a total disaster so far.



Got one of them in a completely dark room, still going strong. There are a few forever living plants, mother in laws tongue is one of them, I wonder the name origin lol

Thanks for the support. I will try to post the rest of the pictures. I am a baby in this field of greenery.

I hope everything goes well and you post lovely pictures here. Rooting for you!
I grew tomatoes on my balcony, well, let me not lie to myself: try to grow, they are just some very long and with leaves only on the top sticks of ugliness. Is it how it is supposed to go? Cabbage is even more abnormal, they have been there for months and only a few leaves after being transplanted to a larger pot. I am not even sure they are cabbage anymore.

No rudeness, in Taiwan everyone is on Facebook. I am not on Facebook though and not on all the other social medias. Everytime I need something from Facebook I ask my neighbor. But seriously, I try to look for information in a English, maybe I should start checking in Chinese with all the blogs etc. I prefer English though not because of the language but mostly because of the writing and/or video style. I like things straight to the point, but I might have to sacrifice that for this.

Thanks for your comments on my plants. It is indeed a therapy thing to have them. Not only beautiful but so uplifting to see them changing they by day into more green and fuller plants.

Let’s us know how it goes.
I managed to kill mine in the beginning of my journey :frowning:

Are you growing them in your balcony?

That looks lovely, @Brendon!! Where did you get the trays?

From the local garden center, but I don’t really recommend them – they’re too deep and the bottom has a flat edge which makes it annoying to get water in from underneath. For my next batch I’m trying these, which are shallower and have ridged bottoms (and are ridiculously cheap):

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Hey, do you have those plants in some kind of grow tent?

What lights are you using?

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No grow tent, just an empty room in my house. When summer comes I’m gonna have to figure out something for temperature control – maybe just insulation panels and the AC.

Lights are just daisy-chained 6500K T5 LEDs from B&Q. Microgreens don’t particularly care so long as they get plenty of blue. What I’ve read is that the fancy grow lights will be more power-efficient, but not particularly better for the plants.

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I think that means they’re not getting enough light (so they’re questing upwards for more). But I have no experience except for the one-inch-high tomato sprouts in my tiny hydro-tray.


The balcony gets direct sun in the afternoon so maybe too harsh sunlight? I tried changing the soil and they are almost dying.

I want to grow peppers indoor but have no idea how to go about it.
I love hot peppers like jalapenos.

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Maybe Kratky them? That’s my plan for the tomatoes. You start them in little trays and then put them in basically a water jar with a bit of nutrient mix, and then all they need is light, and a water change every few months or so.

A quick Youtube search suggests it works just fine for hot peppers.

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Yes, balcony with no direct sunlight.

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At least, come and join the FB group ‘Taichung Gardening’

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Happy to finally see a plant thread. I’ve thought of starting one many times but I’m glad @owleyes did since their array of plants is so much more impressive than mine.