All our yesterdays: nostalgia





Iā€™m going to eat my eggs & toast like that tomorrow.
Thanks for the reminder and nostalgic feels @shiadoa
My dad use to make that for me when I was a weeee lad.


In our house growing up, the dish was called Egg and Toasty Fingers. :smile:

If they are fingers though, what is the egg?


Jokes seemed more innocent then :roll_eyes:






My grandpa ate that nearly every day of his adult life. One or two soft-boiled eggs with one or two pieces of white toast, with coffee.
More likely a product of living rather poorly during the Depression.


The big one a duck egg?


Not sure ? I didnā€™t take the picture. :thinking: Apart from a zero in cricket, was that UK expression something to do with breaking wind?



Still the fastest way to get a physical picture. The Fuji Instax cameras are very good sellers in Taiwan. Although to be honest a lot of people get the printouts, then create montages with them to post on Instagram.



Thanks! I had totally forgotten about the soldiers. Eggs in my house are going to be that way in the near future.


Liver and onions. Harvard beets. White bread to clean the plate. Lovely. Thank God for grandmothers.


Always loved the preppy Ali McGraw look.


1961 Renault Dauphine Gordini




Amazing bod in Fast Times.


Im getting worried about chewdawg and retro glamour :slightly_smiling_face: