"All the cool kids... uh, countries... are doing it!" -- the Cannabis Countdown Thread

I’m sorry. I don’t want to agitate for or against this, really I don’t. But this is serious, one way or another. Who can ignore a marketing strategy like that? :dizzy_face:

Thai Minister of Public Health Anutin Charnvirakul presides over the opening ceremony of the nation’s first medical cannabis clinic in Bangkok yesterday.Jan 07, 2020 P04-200107-308

This is clearly a rising trend, and every society is going to need to decide where it stands. Choose wisely, Taiwan! :slight_smile:


It’s not very clear but it seems it’s now legal to grow for personal use in Italy now.


The green party is unlikely to get seats, but there are a few other legislative candidates that could end up pushing for legalization.

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I don’t know if Bengals fans deserve it, as they had a chance against the 49ers in one Super bowl, but Browns fans deserve some brownies for the dawg pound

I say legalization at least for medical purpose is something Taiwan can probably compromise, or at least have it classified down to category 3 rather than 2.

No thanks.

Never gonna happen here. I had a long, frank discussion with a top 10 medical administrator, even showed him the Sanjay Gupta documentaries and he flat out refused to consider the idea. He cited all the tired and misinformed tropes about addictions and gateways. He even has a background in pharmacology.

Nope. Taiwan will be the last domino to fall.

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I wonder what fraction of potheads are self medicating for something. They smoke pot, and they have issues. But which came first?

Well, gotta have the populuce sedated when the bombs drop and authoritarian rule becomes the norm.

So…I see no issues.

Sarcasm or FUD?

Don’t know what FUD means. But yes… sarcasm. Thanks for checking😉

Be vewwy quiet. I’m hunting potheads.

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Somewhere, sometime a stoner hurt Gain.

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This is the way