Alleged racism in Taiwan's immigration system (2019 edition)

I think it is more realistic to collaborate with already existing groups working on that kind of issues than trying to start a new group here.

Do you know which groups are working on it, what happened to Brian seems like blatant racism. And a lot of wasted time on his part, I’d chip in a little if he took them to court, or someone like him. 100 of us chipping in could get a human rights lawyer on the case.

if someone (white) managed to get ROC household registration, then they too could get another citizenship afterwards just like other ROC nats w/ hh. this isn’t racism against one’s ethnicity per se, but discrimination against non-nationals. every country gives preferential treatment to progeny of citizens - it’s why many ppl here who have a kid in taiwan can still get their kid US citizenship - yet i doubt anyone is going to complain about that here (even though there are millions trying to make it into the US who don’t have that benefit, many dying in the process). also it isn’t true that EVERY ethnic chinese can claim roc nationality - they need a documented and proven parent (or grandparents but htis is harder) who had ROC, so all the PRC ppl are basically SOL. in fact, the single group that has it hardest in taiwan are PRC mainlanders in terms of visas and residencies, which torpedoes the ‘oh tw so racist against non-ethnic chinese but so pro-ethnic-chinese’.

the rules on getting ROC nat w/ hh are pretty bad, and dropping your current before getting roc hh needs to change. and obviously it’s a double standard that they apply to their own nats vs foreigners. but once you get ROC nat w/ hh you too can do what so many ROC nats do - pick up a second citizenship - your ethnicity/race has nothing to do with it.


0.00% or more if involved in an accident with injuries.

You cant get citizenship without giving up your foreign citizenship except ‘special cases’. Ethnic Chinese get around it with bullshit ROC story. Otherwise how did MYJ get a passport I guess since he was born in HK. Didn’t stop his kids getting foreign citizenship anyway.

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it is not because he is not an ethnic Chinese, but his job doesn’t allow him to continuously stay in Taiwan for 1 year or whatever.

南洋台灣姊妹會 TransAsia Sisters Association, Taiwan(TASAT)

台灣人權促進會 Taiwan Association for Human Rights (TAHR)

台灣國際勞工協會 Taiwan International Workers’ Association (TIWA)

時代力量 New Power Party


Etc. And some other organizations in their links.

There was a westerner on this forum who worked on these issues a lot.


myj? ma ying jeou? all the original kmt/ROCers obviously maintained ROC once in taiwan. i mean taiwan/china was a total mess back then anyway. how is that a counter point to anything?

to everyone here saying that it’s unfair that someone descended from an ROC national can also get ROC nat, you should also think the same if you pass down your US or canadian citizenshp to your taiwan born kids (assuming they have taiwan citizenship via their other parent).

Having almost the only route to citizenship through inheritance sucks.
Used to suck even worse when it was only through the male line.
HK was part of the ROC, first I heard of it…

There are a lot of arbitrary rules they throw in the mix like the one to five year post residence, relinquishing your original citizenship…Also potential to take it back from you later.

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well all the ppl in taiwan in the 50s had to be given something, it’s not like the kmt regime could just start deporting ppl to the PRC controlled mainland. so hey everyone on the island, congrats you guys are all ROC. and i agree, the process for getting HH is bad in taiwan. and having to first give up your citizenship and live in taiwan for a full year non stop is absolutely undefendable - even if you agree that roc national w/ hh should be hard to get, there is literally no defending that policy. as for the rest, well mrm i got into arguments last time so won’t rehash that here. but the most important compromise i would want taiwan to do is allow ppl to get HH first, and then give a year or so for them to relinquish their former.

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Most of those Vietnamese spouses just apply for their citizenship back later (I’ve seen them put away their passports and drag out the ROC one on re-entry to Taiwan ), the rule is just ridiculous , no justification whatsoever.


yeah, hence why the roc policy isn’t racist (since all those viets just get it back), just kinda dumb. anyway that could be arguing that taiwan should be like japan, china, and india and just disallow it period (for everyone). no more double standard… and i do always find it funny how so many taiwan politicians have to hide their picked-up US citizenship or make a show of relinquishing it before holding office.

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once you get a roc nationality by naturalization, almost the same rules with the born nationals are applied regardless of your ethnicity.


You are missing the point. To become a citizen is super difficult unless you are ethnic Chinese (because most can prove ancestors born in ROC).
Also kids born to foreign father Taiwanese/Chinese mother couldn’t inheirt citizenship until 1980.

Bit weird eh ? Not racist at all. Unless you mean equal opportunity racism.


unless your ancestors are ROC nationals. It is true that vast majority of ROC nationals are ethnic Chinese, but that is not a racial discrimination, imo.


In practice same thing, especially if you dig into how hard they make it to apply by other routes for non ethnic Chinese. All the extra hoops and hurdles, double standards. Discrimination against foreign fathers kids until 1980 and in fact until this day !


for descendants of non ROC nationals.

In fact (not in fact, just my guess) , some of ethnic Chinese foreigners migh face harder hoops than non ethnic Chinese foreigners.

Not arguing against how you feel about everything else you mentioned, it does feel that naturalised citizens do jump through many more hoops.

I only think using discrimination against foreign fathers kids until 1980 as an example of racism a bit unfair as it was not too long ago that having citizenship only transmit from father to child was the norm.

In Germany and Singapore for example, mothers weren’t able to pass on their citizenship to their children either before 1975 and 2004 respectively.

If we check through most citizenship laws, we will probably find amendments sometime in the past which amended the transmission of citizenship from being patrilineal to being passed down from either parent. (I believe the UK and Australia made their respective changes in the 1980s and to their credit, backdated those changes)

I split this from the DUI thread. Maybe I should have called it “EXTREME WARNING to non-Chinese immigrants”. :ponder: (That’s sarcasm btw, @Brianjones.)

I wish everyone a pleasant day. :bowing:

I don’t think it’s racism on the part of the powers that be. If you have hundreds of thousands of people from your jurisdiction exploiting(read: shagging over) loopholes in the immigration policies of other nations, it’s more like learning from the mistakes of others and setting your own policies accordingly.

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Question: me being a foreign father, mother being local.

Does my daughter still ha e to chose one when she becomes an adult? Or is that not a thing anymore?