Never had an allergy in my life (knock on wood) but this past week I’ve been sneezing & blowing my nose endlessly. I think I’m correct in assume that it’s airborne. Is there something in the air this spring that’s getting to me which others have experienced? Cheers

It’s the pollen from the acacia trees. Ask a pharmacist for Allegra. They’ll think you mean Viagra. It’s hilarious.


I’ve found benedryl to work the best for allergies. It seem to be getting harder and harder to find in Taiwan for some reason, or if you found it, it’s at inflated price. But they’re really like 2nt per pill if you buy bulk but not many pharmacies will have it. They’re otherwise known as diphenhydramine (they will not necessarily know what benedryl is).

Cetirizine also works well for allergy. I’ve found allegra to not work at all.

Allegra is a proven antihistamine, of course it works.

It did nothing for me. It doesn’t make me sleepy, but it also doesn’t stop the sneezing.

It works. You’re just weird.

Allegra works, but I do love a good benadryl when allegra doesn’t quite cut it. Truly does wonders.


Thanks all. I’ll hit the pharmacist. Cheers

Diphenhydramine is an outstanding sleep aid I must say. Except of course you’re completely monged the next morning. :coffin:


What a refreshing turn of phrase in this deeply politically correct world!

Xanax actually works better. You don’t wake up feeling like crap.

I thought about and then I thought; what would Jim Jeffries do?

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Allegra works fine and you can work with it.
If you don’t work or drive then vodka works well just drink it until your allergies are firgotton :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: