Allergy specialist in taipei

I did a search and found nothing on allergy specialists in Taipei so if anybody could help me find one that would be great. I am posting this for my student who seems to have developed a skin allergy after a recent tumor operation. She is receiving no other treatment at this time. Thanks in advance for this much needed information. :notworthy:

I suspect I have a few allergies. When I went to one of our local hospitals, I was referred to another hospital. I think it was in Tao Yuan.

Thanks Rinkals that was just what we needed. We’ll jump on the train and go to Taoyuan and then ask around when we get there. “Qing wen xiaojie. Nin zhidao zhuanye de guomin yisheng zai nali ma?”

If it’s far from where you live, I’ll feel very guilty for sending you on a wild goose chase.

I’ve also found this link that might be useful:

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Tse Wen Chang, PhD Hsinchu Immunotherapy National Tsing Hua University
Shue-fen Luo, MD Taipei Chang-Gung Hospital
Kuo-Wei Yeh, MD Taoyuan Asthma
Immunotherapy Chang Gung Children’s Hospital

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There is a another link with a single reply to a similar question to yours: … 596&t=1596

At the Adventist hospital in Taipei they seem to have one for children: … iwan&hl=en