Aloe vera gel?

I’ve seen smallish expensive bottles of aloe vera gel in various stores, wherever suntan lotion is sold, but I’m looking for a larger bottle for a decent price. Any ideas?

EDIT: Also, am I going to have a hard time finding this now that summer is “officially” over, or is it a year-round product in the stores here?


I just saw a big bottle at Watsons - but I can’t remember the price. I’ve also seen the leaves at traditional markets. If you buy them fresh you can just crack the leaves and put the juice on your burn.

You could consider getting an actual plant. A big one. If you have the energy, you could start one from cuttings and in about a year you would have more than you can use. It grows very well outside here. A buddy of mine has it growing wild on his roof. I think I’ll follow my own advice as well.
I’m not sure if it’s still good or if it’s season is finished.

I never pay for the stuff! :smiley: