Alternative history museum, also flags

Somewhere on the island, there’s a guy who runs an alternative museum of Taiwan history out of his house. Apparently it’s very good. Anybody know where it is?

Another question: What did the flag of the first Taiwan Republic (Tai Wan Gong He Guo) look like? (Maybe I need to go to the aforementioned museum to find out!)

I’m going to break my own rule about images for this one:

That’s cool!
It almost looks like a tibetan tiger

That’s amazing! We need to revive that symbol. Taiwan has a lack of non-party affiliated national symbols. They need their own version of a Maple Leaf, or Stars & Stripes.

Thank you very much! What’s the source for this? And can you tell me what colours it is?

I agree that this deserves a revival. In fact I’m amazed no one has thought of it before. Just like, no one thought of putting pinyin on the street signs alongside romanized Presbyterian Tai-yu!

And then as a goodwill gesture to the mainland, they should scrap the ROC dating system and adopt the year dating used by mainland China! And announce the new order in Localization Square, formerly the CKS memorial…