Alternative (Substitute) Military Service


I am a US Citizen born in Taiwan that also holds a Taiwanese passport. I have been curious about the civilian “Alternative” Military service for a while now, but there doesnt seem to be a lot of up-to-date material on it. I understand that somethings have changed, as in you can apply for it directly now?
Is any one familiar with the process of applying? Can I visit a Taiwanese embassy in the States for more info?
What have been some of your RECENT experiences with Alternative Military Service? What have been some pros and cons of service?

Jeff (An Asian-American looking to get back to his roots)

Alternative services seems like a even more waste of your time. It’s also longer. Unless your really want to be a police man or something. I don’t see why not since born after 95’ only does 4 months anyways.

maybe. Or Conscription Agency, Ministry of The Interior at (886)049-2394462.

If you have not checked yet,
The application of substitute services in 2019 will be held from April 17.

If you read Chinese, about recent change.

Notice on substitute service