Alternative to ETA conference?

I’ve just noticed the advert on my uni’s bulletin board about the ETA (English Teacher’s Association) conference in Taipei on November 11-13. I’m wondering if there is another professional conference any of you might recommend as an alternative? I’ve gone to this one the past few years, and it’s been kind of so-so, with some very good international speakers, although most of the Taiwanese presentations were a complete waste of time. Also, the organization, or lack of it was a bit of a headache (registering is absolute chaos.) It seems that they are having most of the presenters I saw last year or have seen before, so I’m not sure I’ll be getting any new information. All in all, I wouldn’t mind trying a new one; however, a lot of the smaller ones are quite bogus affairs that are whipped up by every uni so that their own teachers can say they published and presented. Any ideas for something else fairly legit?

Thanks mate! :sunglasses:

British Council has a training event in November with a few professors coming from universities in the UK, but it’s on a Tuesday/Wednesday during the day - pretty terrible timing.

If you’re interested, let me know, I’ll send the dates, place etc.