Alternatives to maxi micro scooter

Wanted to import a 2 wheel maxi micro scooter, after having the mini micro for a number of years I have some brand loyalty. Seems too hard because, I dunno, Taiwan. If anyone can suggest a quality alternative scooter in the 7+ age group that they have had first hand experience with I would be grateful.瑞士第一%20Micro&searchType=1&curPage=1&_isFuzzy=0&showType=chessboardType

Prices seem to be a bit higher than abroad, which is to be expected, but you can get it from momoshop.

I saw many alternatives at baby/kids stores.
It shouldn’t be hard to find.
I haven’t tried any, so I can’t give you a recommendation, but they look steady and good.
I’d suggest you to visits some stores and take a look yourself

Wow, double amazon’s price then add some… even more of a gauging than I thought.