AM/FM/DX broadcast radio issues. Q1 secret FM band?

I got sick of playing with the cell phone so much that took myself down to the local $10 store and got a cheap radio.
It has poor sensitivity and selectivity book it’s nice to tour the AM and FM bands.
I got a Chinese radio that has a range of 76MHZ to 108MHZ.
The Taiwan broadcast band is supposed to be between 88.1 to 107.9 yet I find the FM band totally populated all the way down to 76 MHz.
What’s going on here?
Also please share any other radio stories that people will find interesting (QSL Cards, picking up China, Pirate Radio…)

Use a small screwdriver to open up the back-end.
Can you see that little microchip added to all the others?
That’s for… :slight_smile:

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Not quite sure what you mean. I saw some videos of a guy trying to by a decent analog am/fm radio and found every one had a digital tuner with some lag.
I’m pretty sure my radio is all analog.

Just joshing with you.
Another thing that surged back in popularity during COVID-19 in the U.S. were listening to radio stations instead of SiriusXM.
Kind of like cutting cable TV, which has been ongoing in the U.S. People just cut SiriusXM and started listening to local DJs again. Kind of cool.

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Yeah, I grew up on radio in the seventies. Sometimes as a kid, when I couldn’t sleep or just camping in the yard, I’d tune into the overnight host of the local radio station to know everything’s right with the world.
Heck, I did that when I came to Taiwan. ICRT was live 24/7.
No matter the weather or time of
day , they were giving…decent advice.

Taiwan isn’t that far from China. In fact I heard someone said that in the martial law days shortwave radio was illegal in Taiwan because they didn’t want people listening to Chinese broadcasts.

But also with a good radio tuner (the kind with the outdoor antenna) you should in theory be able to pick up FM stations even 300 miles away, which means you should be able pick up stations from China. AM has much better range.

But I never bothered with radio in Taiwan. All they have is those TVBS like content anyways and mandopop going on and on… nothing interesting.

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