Am I being ripped off?

What would you do?

My boss asked me to do a side project for 20,000Nt.

I did it and got paid ( 7 months late! :noway:) today. The check was post dated for October 10th and was for 18,000Nt.

When I asked about the discrepancy I was told it was “tax”. Yet, whenever I have done extra work for my company (paid at 1,000 per hour) I always receive that X hours worked (i.e. 3 hours = 3,000).

I’m mad.

What do you think?

You need to pay tax on income earned.


The only reason I’m questioning it is that other side projects have not been taxed.

Why not ask your boss?


I just wanted a second opinion.

I have it. I thank you. :bravo:

Probably. but ask your boss. It could be he actually paid the “tax” to the government, rather than just pocketing it, though I doubt it. If you tell him you are actually planning to declare the income, you’ll probably find he had no intention of handing the “tax” to the authorities.

7 months late!!!
It is obvious he has no respect for you, so to lie to you is nothing.
Find a new bos b4 you really get F… in the ass.

[quote=“why does it hurt when I p”]7 months late!!!
It is obvious he has no respect for you, so to lie to you is nothing.
Find a new bos b4 you really get F… in the ass.[/quote]

That’s what I was thinking–run for your life.

Do please tell us why you waited 7 months to be paid. And every month when you asked where the money was, what was the response of this wanker boss?

rooftop wrote…

This is a rhetorical question…right?

I took the boss 7 months to pay you 18,000 dollars? Is the guy short of cash or what … or is he just being his normal self - an incompetent wanker who doesn’t give a fuck about anybody else but himself.

I admire your patience mate!!

I get a monthly salary that was never a problem - always on time and no funny stuff.

I accepted some additional work to be paid over and above my normal pay rate. This happens often at my company, and normally, I can pull in a few thousand extra NT a month.

The rip-off situation (or what I thought was a rip-off) was that my 20,000 arrived minus 2,000 for taxes. Obviously, as Sandman pointed out, you have to pay tax on earnings. I just thought it was weird that on a large amount I was paying tax whereas the 2-3,000 NT jobs aren’t taxed. Should make for an interesting tax return situation next March.

The boss kept saying that the proof-reader wasn’t finished so I would be paid when they were done. I didn’t make a big stink over it until a few months back because they pretty much let me make my own scehdule and pay me well for what is mostly a lax job involving editing and occasionally writing.

The end result is that I got the pay and told my boss that in the future, all jobs will have to have both a ‘completed by’ deadline and a ‘paid by’ deadline’ no matter what steps aren’t completed by third parties.

Live and learn.