Amateur Wrestling

Amateur Wrestling. Does any one know where is a amateur wrestling club in or around Taichung city?

Do Taiwanese have wrestling in school? I doubt it.

Wrestling is too tough a sport for them. Even if they knew of the sport they would only practice twice a week and it would get cancelled when it came time to cram for exams.

Come over to my house and wash my cats. Not quite the same thing, I know, but you’d still get a pretty good workout. :wink:


This is worth further investigation.

And no Sandman, dolphin wouldn’t be interested in “wrestling” with you, just before you even suggest it.

The Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Club Taiwan has chapters in Taichung, Taipei and Kaoushiung. While the focus is not on free-style or greco-roman wrestling, its very similar in some respects. New members are always welcome.

I’d know one in Taipei…

Chinese Taipei Wrestling Association
Suite 1007, 10th Floor
20 Chu Lun Street
TAIPEI / Taiwan

If you contact these guys maybe they can set you straight.

If you have the contact info for an actual club in Taipei, could you pass it along?