Amazing Opportunity in Pingtung

Hi! I’ve stayed at my job four years because it’s super amazing, but now it’s time for me to change. Because this job is so great, I want to help find the best person to replace me! This is NOT your easy song-and-dance babysitting cram school, it is serious and it’s amazing! It’s in Pingtung, so you get the best of both worlds - not too big nor too small, easy trips to Kaohsiung (you can even commute if you like, lots of people do) Tainan or Kending can all be done as day trips.

Some of the best things about the school are:

  • Amazing coworkers. Seriously, friendly and helpful, none of the weird backstabbing I hear goes on in some buxibans. We’re truly a caring family. I’d go to battle for any of them.

  • Students who care. Like at least 85% of them (there’s always outliers, but they’re still good kids) will always be doing the homework, corrections, reading and spelling required of them.

  • A boss who’s understanding of foreigners. He lived in the USA for at least a year during college, and maintains friendships there and goes back to visit often. As a result, his understanding of our culture and our mindset (individuality over collectivism, direct over indirect communication, aversion to passive aggression etc) is truly invaluable. You can speak frankly with him on issues without losing face. He’ll listen and understand and work with you on anything.

  • TECHNOLOGY IN THE CLASSROOM. Every classroom has a computer, projector, and cloud access. So instead of losing time over explanations during class, a student says, “Teacher what is peacock?” You do a quick google image search and move on, having lost only ten seconds of lesson time. Also great for quick translations.

  • More on that - almost every book (with the exception of some brand new junior high textbooks I’m currently working on) already have “Mimio” lessons made. Mimio is like PowerPoint but with interactive whiteboard capability. So you basically only have to take a look at the lesson, change some dates, and copy it into the class folder.

Full time, ARC and health care provided, yearly raises, bonus for CNY, etc.

Any further questions let me know, or send me a resume and I’ll forward it to my boss! Please email

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