Amazing sports feats thread

Thought we can have a thread for amazing and rare sports fears such as no hitters and hat tricks.

Here’s on. The first to run a marathon under 2 hours. It’s unbelievable.

To get an understanding of how fast a person needs to run to beat 2 hour wall.


Earlier in the year but…

I’ve saw him play a lot back when I lived in Dallas and he played for the rangers. We just to joke that he would only hit HRs or K. Even back then before he had his 50+ HR year, you can see the power. Righty’s wouldn’t dare challenge him.

But my god, that contract is awful

That’s a 17 second 100 meter sprint, repeated 427 times without a break I think. Mind boggling.

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Not exactly on topic - or at least this is not limited to one amazing sports feat - but this guy would have blown up the internet if his sports career had taken place today. There are so many stories about him, from the time he was a little boy until today. People in the American south still shake their heads. Mythic. Vince Edward Jackson was pretty damn close to irl super hero.

Arguably the best American athlete of the 20th century, if not the goat. Terrific human bean, too. Once a century king of guy.

Here’s a vimeo link to the ESPN 30 on 30 segment on Bo Jackson.

I still remember clips of local sportscasters hurting themselves trying to break a baseball hat over their knee ala Bo. The internet would have ground to a halt.


Thing is if he were born a few decades earlier we wouldn’t even believe half of what he did was real and if he were born a few centuries back, we’d think he was basically myth.

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Yep, a lot like Jim Thorpe. There were still old guys around in the 1980s who had seen Thorpe play football, and sports writers who’d seen Thorpe at the 1912 Olympics. They always compared Jackson to Thorpe, but not obviously possible for anybody who wasn’t very old, who instead relied on what others said they saw.

It was (and is) very difficult to imagine Thorpe even in the same conversation with Jackson, but who really knew (or knows). I reckon it won’t be easy to compare Jackson to the next once/century American athlete for the same reasons.

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No, they really are the only two that I put in that conversation.

I watched the ESPN documentary back in college. He should have just played baseball, and he wanted to but he got screwed by the Bucs making him ineligible to play baseball his senior year. NCAA sucks, and they suck even more now with how they control and profit off the players. I’ve learned to appreciate how Europeans develop their athletes vs the US.

I remember thinking to myself that I would do everything to push any future kids away from football into other sports. I watched so many great athletes that could have played at least D1 baseball and basketball get ruined from football injuries in high school. It was a big issue because in Texas, most athletes were football players that played other sports to keep in shape in the off season.

It does seem to be an entirely different mentality.

They seem completely ok with understanding sports as a profession and have separated athletics from their formal education. A bit strange that schools don’t have teams that play against other schools.

Kosgei just destroyed Radcliffe’s record by 81 seconds.

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And she didn’t stop for a bathroom break

It’s not about the shoes.

25 medals and will be competing for more in 2020 Tokyo.

Coco Gauff wins her first title at 15! Younger than Venus and Serena.

Oh for sure Big Money sports like basketball and football have no business becoming revenue centers at current levels. Tail wagging the dog. It’s become grotesquely obvious that swapping a full scholarship for employment by the school’s basketball/football program is a lopsided deal financially for NCAA athletes. School reels in tens if not hundreds of millions of revenue in a huge and growing pie that athletes are excluded from. Not fair, not sustainable, and it shouldn’t be within the mission of universities whose first job should be academia and to nurture character development.

The one feature that I would like to keep from being thrown out in the bathwater, though, is that athletic competition in team-based sports is good preparation for life and career in the USA. Participating in team sports alongside academic achievement is gold imo. Individual sports as well, but I think participation in team sports pays higher dividends. Not to be underestimated.

We’re going to think of the current group of Nike athletes in the same way we think of East German athletes in the 1980s eventually.

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Amazing perseverance. He has white hair at the end!

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Walk Off homer for Jose Altuve sending the Astros to the World Series. This will be the first decade the Yankees have not reached the world series since 1910.

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