America iz boring AF


If Canada has a shortage of people, there are some additional folks on their way to the US southern border. They could just send busses to pick them up.


The Texas debutantes?


I have to say the BBQ and portion size of food. I always feel like I have to order 2x in Taiwan to feel full.

Idk why people told me Malaysia is good for food. I’ve never been to a a place where all the food was so mediocre.


I wish Texas restaurants would cut back on the portion size and price. I always have to take leftovers home. Everything is on a platter like I would feed the entire family with.


I could try and shill you on it but I would have to use the word “nature” at least 46 times. I think that’s the best selling feature we have. You can go from the DT core to the middle of nowhere in a few minutes.

I’ve only lived in Hong Kong and Montreal and sure there’s lots of shit going on in those places, but I found it incredibly frustrating to live there for a prolonged period. Being away from the ocean and the mountains turns me into more of a fucking dickhead then I already am.

Hong Kong does remind me a lot of Vancouver though, minus the clean environment.

What do you find more enjoyable about Paris? You’re not québécois are you? :worried:

EDIT: that’s a joke I love people from Quebec.:zipper_mouth_face:


I’m in California, SF Bay Area. I lived here for a cpl years right before I moved to Taiwan, and hated it. Lived in LA/Long Beach for 10 years and loved it.

Dropping almost 2k usd/mo for a 1bedroom might be what keeps me in a nasty mood a lot of the time, whereas in Taiwan I of course could afford a massive house for 4-600 a month (I wasn’t in Taipei). That and all the PC police everywhere.


God no. From an old Alberta family. I lived on the island for ten years, worked for the provincial government in Victoria, and lived in the interior for nearly a decade too. In other words, I get the nature thing. I have mountain biked in Kamloops, sailed from Brentwood Bay in Victoria to Vancouver, and skied many, many mountains throughout the province. Every summer, I usually go back and boat at my parents` places.

But does it have the history, food, nightlife, museums and culture? Not in the way European capitals do.


SF is not bad. The food is pretty good there. But you’re right, expensive to live there.


Yip, having worked in Asia for 7 years, Europe for three years, etc., North American political correctness is a combination of liberal arts indoctrination, puritanism, and statism that no other continent seems to promote to such a degree. Europe is not nearly as ideological on this issue. One can only hope the pendulum swings back somewhat.

The biggest culture shock I ever faced was working in North America for nearly a decade.


Most expensive city in the world I think. A family of four making 100k a year qualify for government assistance. Like, there are cool things here, but not THAT cool. The public transportation totally sucks too, as does the traffic and lack of parking.


I work at a university too. PCU has nothing on this place. Sneezing is hate speech. Most of the friends I have made are Chinese who are sympathetic to Trump. :scream:


Everything there seems to be awash in urine, lust, soot, semen, syringes and feces. Isn`t liberalism :roll_eyes: great?



Reading this made me recall so many happy memories.

I would say it has almost non of those thighs haha. I just enjoy being away from people so something like a museum or enjoying nightlife gives me serious anaxity.

I just enjoy gardening, early morning swims on the lake and reading “the classics” without a soul around for KMs.


There are more boring places. I’m the opposite, I don’t mind boring so much these days. Just as long as there’s good food. Food in Malaysia is awful. I went from having diarrhea everyday to every other day now.


The best Tom Yam I ever had was at a street stall in Langkawi (and I have had good ones in Singapore, Thailand, Americas and Europe). But, yeah, Singapore and Thailand are way better culinary destinations.


I’m planning on going next weekend I can see it from my balcony.


You’re improving.


If you don`t like Malaysia, it is possibly because Johor is a shit hole. Never really liked that place (although I dated an amazing Malay chick from there in my early 20s that lived in Singapore). God, she was a 10+ :star_struck::star_struck::star_struck::star_struck:


I haven’t found many attractive Malaysian women. But most of them are in hijabs so hard to tell.


I think things like that is what makes America boring.