American Candy

Anyone know where I can find good old American Candy?? like lemonheads, chewy sweetarts, etc??

The obvious answer is probably Costco.

Costco is obvious? I would have thought America was the most obvious answer. You know they do have some really great candy from over here… you just have to try it and see. Come on… who doesn’t like trying every single kind of candy out there anyway?

The import groceries, fancier big groceries like Breeze, Jasons, etc., and Costco have some.

Tasters, best known for its cheesecake, also sells Butterfingers, U.S.-style Doritos and other chips, various sorts of candy, etc. The store is located in Tianmu on Zhongshan North Road Section 6, a little to the south of the Taipei American School (thus the U.S. junk food).

I don’t remember seeing any chewy Sweetarts there; but they have other things there not unlike those. The selection is small but has some things I haven’t seen elsewhere.