American Club


Are there any American Club members here?


What’s the membership fee now? I remember before I came someone told me I should take my plane ticket and exchange it for a free one year membership, I never did it I don’t even know where the club is or what it’s about anymore. Could you refresh my memory? Thanks.



Hmmm that must have been a loooooooong time ago. Now you just need to take your passport and a cheque for ten grand !



Actually come to think of it, it wasn’t year, sorry. It was more like one month free. Does this still apply?



Over rated and lately what has been happening is people have been joining just to use the facilites and they are spending no money in there

The rates are 100000NTD bond (that you get back)and you have to spend a minimum of 8000NTD a month. So may people are just joiing and spending the minimum. Easy if you got a family, like many do, or just go there for dinner and lunch a couple of times a week


It’s a big minimum though, the Football Club in Hong Kong is less than that, and you can join for a song if you play rugby. But you have to admit the American Club used to be a nice oasis (I haven’t been in it for years).

The only other oasis I found was the Exchange Club, but it’s kind of underground and gloomy. But no whingeing yuppie kids.



Yeah, I thought that was the case… It seems a lot of people go there as a place to stretch their legs with the kids, but as far as I know it used to be a place to hob nob and make business contacts

FYI: I presume the minimum can also be met by using the take away to grab some cakes and stuff…

I am not actually a member, but my sweetie is and we missed the minimum a couple of times this year… eek! There goes 16Gs down the drain.