American English teacher nailed in Thailand

American nabbed with 500 photos of naked Thai boys … ND-DC.html

Sick sick sick.

You’re a bad, bad man Mr. Prowler.

Sad story. And not a young lad anymore is he? Guess he’ll grow old and die in the slammer there…

Poor Thailand, so free and easy, to be taken of advantage of that way…

Hey, last time Fred said only Germans do this in Thailand.

Next, Fred will post a link here proving the guy is a German expat or something :noway:

I’d like to see this guy’s face and the story in English and German throughout every airport in Thailand.

Do they have a death penalty in Thailand? I hope not. Sit and rot. :raspberry:

I hope some of the fine folks in jail find him to be yummy as well. Especially the really big and really ugly ones.


Pubic hair clippings? What a perv :noway:

What an approprate name. :laughing:

What an approprate name. :laughing:[/quote]

I missed that the first time. What a name! Prowling for kicks among underage boys in Bangkok. This belongs in News of the Weird.

Over 500 photos, eh? Well that beats my score.