American Fastfood chains in Taiwan

Just wondering why the only American fast food chains that have survived here are among the worst available in America. Why is there McDonald’s and burger king, dominos, and pizza hut the only chains that have made it when they’re pretty much renowned back in America as being the bottom of the barrel?

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Or they get transformed beyond recognition. Here I am thinking of Krispy Kreme which tastes nothing like the dangerous delicious devils I tried in California.

Maybe this is for this best. :joy:


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Isn’t that a global thing, like not specific to Taiwan?

Starbucks, subway and KFC being three more that get exported a lot.


I think it’s because in Taiwan they place themselves above the local restaurants, and are nothing like their counterpart in the states.

MacDonalds is pretty similar. Burger king isn’t that weird. KFC has got rid of its signature dish and pizza hut is just an abomination.

KFC is the most surprising one for me. tw KFC is just pointless.


but these brands are all over the world lol,

Yes but do we get a “royale with cheese”?



What is missing that could be called “American” fast food?

Many well know brands are somewhat regional, ya know.

If a fast food chain comes to Taiwan, obviously it needs to be a huge global chain like McDonald’s or KFC to gain consumer confidence. Nobody here has heard of Arby’s, so they probably wouldn’t do very well.

No chicken royales in TW right?

First one that comes to mind is Wendy’s which apparently used to be here and is also in Japan and the Philippines

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Immortalized in Ang Lee’s awesome Eat Drink Man Woman!



I think chic FIL a would do pretty well here especially since chicken quality is pretty good here already and much cheaper/easier to obtain than beef

It’s not a large enough or recognizable brand. Nobody here would buy the franchise.

The only reason people here buy a McDonald’s and KFC franchises is because they are huge proven global brands with next to zero risk of failure.

Chic Fil A is NOWHERE even near reaching that point yet.

By the way @DogmaticStoic, if you’re craving Chic Fil A then you should really try the spicy chicken burger at Dain Dain Burger.

Best chicken sandwiches I’ve ever had in my life. Chic Fil A is a close second though.

There are many American fast food chains widespread in Asia that aren’t in Taiwan. Off the top of my head Wendy’s, Carl’s Jr., Taco Bell, Popeye’s, Church’s, and Dunkin’ Donuts come to mind, but there are more. They seem to be more common in SE Asia in my experience.

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looks very decent from their website :+1:
But if its just burgers it wouldn’t work. Needs to have some local option like fried chicken or those shitty rice burgers in mos burger

True. Starbucks here is insanely popular even though you can just go to louisa or whatever and get the same thing for half price.


Wendy’s was here. Failed.
Dunkin Donuts was here. Failed.
Long John Silvers was here. Failed.
Dairy Queen was here (kind of). Failed.

I want Wendy’s back and Taco Bell would be cool.

Actually…these would be my wish list…
5 Guys
Shake Shack
In n Out
Taco Bell


I bet they all failed because they didn’t offer peanut butter burgers or corn soup.


KFC here is not KFC in my book.
It is completely different.
So different, only the name resembles the KFC I know back in the USA.

KFC here is complete trash.
No idea how they manage to stay in business here.