🏈 American Football - NFL + Super Bowl 2024

Where’s the NFL thread on this site?

Here it is.

There has to be one. We just had one of the best playoff games ever.

Mahones and Allen with incredible plays. The speed of Tyreek is insane.

Rodgers and Brady can retire already.


Saw some newscasters calling it the best weekend in NFL ever.

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Perhaps was, but the other three games, as close as they were, did not come close to the drama of the last one. 25 points in the last two minutes of regulation is insane.

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I caught the Bucs game. Down 27 to 3 and nearly got there. Very good game, and I hates footballs.

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How to watch old recent games?

And recent games on-demand?

$11 deal on playoffs.


I managed to binge watch the last 6 NFL Playoff games in 3 days. With the help of a friend.

Never binge watched sports before. But it’s great being able to fast forward through commercials and random chatter. Also nice to rewind plays or pause to review plays or stats.

For watching alone, anytime, anywhere, I’m sold.


Always thought Stafford was a mediocre QB, but maybe it was just the Lions that hold hom back?

Was painful to watch Mahones not finding anyone open despite having all the time in the world.

That Coinbase ad was really bad

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Not sure who I want to win. Let’s go with the Bengals.

Two many Manning ads already…

I can’t race to mute fast enough to avoid the commercials. Why do celebrities yell so much?

I think they all try too hard with these commercials.

Like the QB who just fail mary’ed the ball. ha ha [no spoilers from me, just in case]

It’s our custom, right up there with obesity.

No carbs organic? Just drink WATER!

It’s a bit of a boring game to be honest…

Who’s performing now?

Face mask pull…

Totally disagree. Good Super Bowl, good commercias. Disappointing half-time show.

It’s exciting now, towards the end.