American hot sauce and Mango Pickle in Taichung?

Hey Folks,

I’m looking for American hot-sauce in Taichung.

Basically, like ‘wing-sauce’ or something similar.


I’m also looking for Mango-Pickle

I’ve been to Cost-Co… nothing.







They used to have hot-sauce everywhere in Taichung at lots of stores, (they even used to have original ‘Anchor-Bar’ hot sauce from Buffalo N.Y) but, like every culinary thing foreigners tend to like… (tending to be the opposite of what Taiwanese like)… it disappeared.

Any ideas?

Please, only recommendations based upon actual sightings. :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance. :rainbow:

Internet ordering. Or else make do with Tabasco.

I’ve seen a few different kinds of hot sauce in Jasons in Taipei, maybe they just don’t have as good a selection down south?

Fingas pal! I pick it up all the time there, perhaps you only checked once and they were out of stock? It’s called “Louisiana wildy wicked wing sauce”, It’s good too! In Canada I used Frank’s red hot sauce, Louisiana is close. Tabasco doesn’t cut it. I just confirmed with them as I will be needing some soon, they do have it right now. The staff at Fingas are quite informed and helpful as well.