American Idol 200?

Okay, I’m off for 2 weeks, bored as I don’t know what and found myself sinking to new levels.

I watched American Idol auditions on Star World. Oh the horror!!! Can we say that most of the people were like watching “One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest”? Anyone else been watching this show?


I tried to watch one once but I didn’t make it too far.

I have to admit that I’ve seen a few from 2006 now and I’m really enjoying it.

I’ve been watching it pretty regularly, if nothing else, for lack of any other interesting programing. I think it’s pretty hilarious, and maybe a little sad, that some of these people who try out are so convinced of their talent when they can’t sing a lick. I mean, if you sucked real bad, wouldn’t it be pretty obvious? :idunno:

Yea, I’ve really been following it now. It’s not so much that people are convienced that they have talent to be on the show, but it defiently says A LOT about what lengths people will go to in America for fame.

Some of it’s funny, because you can see how some people are taking the piss out of the judges. And some of it is just sad. Like two nights ago, there was this one chick, with a blond wig, and beer belly sticking out thinking she was actually gonna get some where with the judges. :loco: Singing really off key Britney Spears songs. It was obvious that she was high, after her audition that she was with what i believe was her ‘pimp’ or someone shady. Then she had the nerve to keep cussing out the camera crew. :loco:

AHH Amreican Reality show.

If only they had “The Surreal Life” here. Six has-been celebrities and pseudo-celebrities (whose watches read 00:15:01 and later) living under one roof a la Real World. I was hooked when I went home for Christmas.

I watched Flavor Flav, Charro, Dave Coulier (from Full House…you know, not the one with the kids or the one who was cute…he was the one who did the weird voices which were supposed to be funny), Brigitte Nielsen, Jordan (or Donnie or whoever from The New Kids on the Block), and some bitchy girl who didn’t win American Idol duking it out on a RV trip to Vegas, flirting with each other (Brigitte and Flavor got it on… :astonished: ), and letting the world know that they hadn’t quite fallen off the face of the earth.

I have to say, though, after watching The Surreal Life, I really felt for Dave. With the Olsen twins all over magazine covers from Cosmopolitan to US Weekly to Forbes (well, not cover, but to talk about how rich they are), here’s Dave admitting he’s a has-been with his only major claim to fame being a supporting character in the very vehicle that rocketed the Olsens into their fortune.

Dave Coulier was the Ringo to their Paul and John.













shoot me…

I’ve missed it since it came on. But from what’ve read in the papers, the judges this year have been hell on them.

Simon called someone an ‘animal that needs to go back to the bush’ [sic] Ouch. Perhaps ego and money are the visionary tools to finding new talent?

I live in the states and have been addicted to American Idol since season 2. It’s like train wreck television. They hook you in by showing the auditions, then you’re actually kinda interested in how some of the people do… I think it’s a great show. Some auditions are horrible…you wonder how they pass the initial screening. The bantering that goes on between Simon and Ryan Seacrest is pretty entertaining as well

It is FUNNY AS HELL… i can’t help myself… 3 times watch it last night… 6,8,and 1130pm… laugh over and over again.

And then, boom, somebody unexpected, sings incredibly.

Just for the laughs, it is good.

By the way, Paula was drunk last night and they booted her off for the second day of the auditions in that city.

Is that what happened? They said she had to fly back to LA for family obligation. Did you guys see the interview where she was drunk/high? It’s really funny…

…last nights show kind of… umm… well… **cked