American Influence and Nation building

I have heard all. Complaints, anti US, etc etc. You are all correct the US of A should immediately withdraw all support, Financial, Military, Logistical and any other support the USA provides to any other Nation.

Starting with military sales to Taiwan and Technology to build submarines in Taiwan. Not to mention all the other things provided toTaiwan that is not advertised.Let’s see how fast China will consume this Island when that happens.
Let’s see how Europe deals with China and Putin in the future. I think we tried this ,those who forget history are doomed to repeat it.

And let’s not forget the middle east and places like Afghanistan, USA should leave immediately
and let’s see how the world really is.
Let’s not forget the DMZ Zone in Korea.

I could go on with ahundred more examples that you’re not aware of but I’ll just leave it.

The same people that complain about the USA and nation-building are the same kind of people that complain about getting the vaccine for the measles, how’s that’s turning out?

Every time you appease tyranny, tyranny wins.

If you don’t like USA don’t ask them for money and don’t ask them to come save your ass when somebody’s taking you over.

Americans really don’t care about you and the more you bitch and are ungrateful for the help the less they care.

Americans have been known to be isolationist and I fear they will be so in the near future.
Are the Americans perfect~NO are you?

Why are you ranting? are you responding to someone in particular?
Who has ever said it was stupid to help Korea, Taiwan or Japan?
Iraq was stupid and illegal don’t even try to defend that.
Syria got too complicated because America tried to back anti-Assad forces even though they were Sunni extremists. FYI almost all Syrian minorities backed Assad.
Other than that I think it was mostly well-intentioned/necessary (unless you count the last round of sanctions on Cuba, invasion of Grenada, military coup in Iran, etc. as nation building).
Also Trump is right, America should, at the very least, get paid for its services.

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FYI. Did you not assume I would know that Mister aficionado. I guess your Cavalier attitude proves my point exactly thank you

Glad to know you’re okay with Korea Japan and Taiwan

Did you just mention Grenada? Thought so

This looks like a job for me so everybody just follow me because it feels so empty without me~
Because we need a little controversy

Whatever? Wow u blow me away

Oh was that private? Haha