American Soldiers in Iraq

“This is the video banned by Youtube” . . . erh, shown on Youtube! That’s about all I could watch.



And this has what to do with anything here?

Not to excuse those clips showing obviously bad behavior, but most of those are out of context, inaccurate or entirely wrong.

  • Half of them obviously aren’t from Iraq at all, which makes you wonder what other facts they got wrong.

  • The guy tossing the puppy off the cliff was later kicked out of the Marines & served prison time, as did the one accused of shooting the wounded guy (who had previously attacked them).

-The one of kids getting beaten wasn’t U.S. soldiers at all, and in fact looks like Brit-trained Iraqis from the uniforms - there’s no way to tell where the audio came from, but it certainly doesn’t match.

  • The soldier who shot the dog immediately and politely explains his actions to the owner, who you can bet was compensated.

  • The sheep? Ran over an IED meant to kill soldiers or civilians? Better sheep than people.

  • Finally, the news clips specifically talk about soldiers being put on trial and held accountable for their actions - something that rarely happens to those few Iraqis who think it’s perfectly normal to set fire to children and behead entire villages over medieval ghost stories and racial hatred.

Where are THOSE videos, hmm? Seen some of the originals, not this hackjob edited crap - they aren’t nice, and your links pale in comparison to that filth and extremism.

The vast majority of military personnel (from dozens of countries) in Iraq & Afghanistan want to do a good job, actually do want to HELP people, and then want to go home to their families. Wait & see what the religion-of-peace-loving Middle East does to itself after the soldiers leave (not soon enough).

You’re an idiot to believe everything you see on the internet. I’m an idiot for bothering to respond to a troll, but at least there’s a bit of context now.

7 minutes of selectively subjective crap straight outta that of The Comintern daze.