AmEx t/c changing into NT$ - fees?

Here in Kaohsiung, I used to change without any fees at the American Express bank.
Now I found out, that AmEx closed their office here in KHH.
I checked out other banks, and they all want a fee. Is there any other bank-institute where I could save those fees, and I am not aware of ? Here in Kaohsiung ??

How is the situation in the north, like Taipei ? Does AmEx still have a branch there ?
Does someone even know if it would be possible to change traveller checks issued in EURO currency into NT$ ?
Fees for this ?

Thank you,

Normally I don’t mind the costs, but in this case the sum is quite high …

I get Amex TC’s at First Bank for no fee. The exchange rate is better than getting US$ in cash, too.
edit-oops, i just noticed that you were changing US$ TC to NT$ cash.

What if you open a US$ account, deposit the TC’s, then as a separate transaction change the US$ to NT$?