Amitabha (Amituofo) fixed my decoder

A few days ago my DTS decoder/amplifier stop working, it turned itself off whenever I tried to turned it on. I disconnected all the speakers (website said it might be due to a short circuit in the speaker wires) but still no luck… So I took it out and put it to one side while I work out what to do about it. Gave it a bit of a knock and tried turning it on a few times over the next few days. Then one day it suddenly started working… and the place I put it was under our picture of Amitabha (Known in Chinese as Amituofo) and his two mates. Did he fix my decoder ?

Has a deity ever fixed one of your household appliances ? Has Allah unblocked your sink ? Has the spirit of Jerry Garcia changed your light bulbs ?

I was cursing my scooter in the name of Jesus, his mother and all those disciples once and it hasn’t given me a lick of problems since.