An online forum like Forumosa, it takes

I was thinking of building an online discussion forum. The free ones provided by local portals, like yam,…are not my first choices due to ads and limited. Forumosa is the best online forum I’ve even used in terms of its highly interactive capacity and number of features.

My questions, how much IT knowledge does it take to build a site like forumosa. I don’t really need that many functions like Forumosa. Just a simpler one with a pure and plain environment. Where should I start? I am not a programer but am willing to learn


Apache, PHP, MySql and PHPbb should get you going.

Good luck

you probably wont need to know much since a simple forum like forumosa can be installed from a free template and configured at will afterwards (from a web based interface).

I started using phpBB because it was my first Forum contact. I’ve since switched to using PunBB (because it’s really simple.) Both sites will tell you everything you need to know about setting one up.

There is also this: though I’ve never tried it (free hosting for punBB.)

If you want to use phpBB, or any other forum software like it (PunBB, etc.), you’ll have to sign up for hosting somewhere as well.

You can also check the ratings/reviews on this site [Open Source CMS]. This site also lets you test all of the listed software. It’s how I found out about Punbb.

One more thing. After you get find a host (that host could be me :smiley:) many of them have “one click” installs availible for a lot of the popular forum software. I recommend uploading and installing things manually, but the one click option is also there.

That be about it.

I second miltownkid’s recommendation for punbb. It’s simple and elegant.

Thanks a lot, pals. I really appreciate all the helps.