An Open Thankyou


My name is Andre and I have been posting occasionally and lurking more than occasionally on these boards for maybe 4 months. I’ve read reams and reams about the things you guys have posted on Taiwan. Now that I am here, and have been here for about a month I realize how helpfull so much of this stuff has been to my understanding of how Taiwanese society works (and dosen’t work), how I should act in differnt sitations, where to go, what to do, what not to do… The list is endless.

Anyway, I guess I want to say that your huge user-created tome of information has been really really helpfull, so thankyou :slight_smile:

p.s. I particularly loved the thread about shocking Taiwanese t.shirts. I have found a few entrants myself. That thread kept me lagughing for HOURS on end. And also, as far as strange things at Ximending go I have spotted the Celestial wannabe guy (I was beyond surprised), but have yet to locate the strange cat-man. And no, I didn’t take the Celestial’s medicine.

Hi Andre, nice to hear from you.

I’ve been using Forumosa for almost 4 years (I lurked for a while before I registered!) Like you, I’ve found it to be a wonderful resource of information and opinions. It really has helped me tremendously.

And it’s provided me not only with information, but with the chance to get to know some really great people online and offline. On that note, hope to meet you at one of the Forumosa Happy Hours sometime.

Hi Andre, thanks for your post.

It sure is nice to hear a word of appreciation to the community. So many take, a few give, very few say thanks.

I hope you stick around and post more.


Welcome aboard Kushluk,
Thanks for the (all too rare) words of praise. Far too many new posters just take all our words of wisdom for granted, so it’s refreshing to see someone show some gratitude.

Welcome…but I warn ya…don’t stay too damned long or you’ll never leave.

Oh yeah…a long overdue thanks to those oldbies who helped me out before I came to Taiwan after hearing that unfounded rumor that black people have a harder time getting work here. I joined a month before I came here and benefited from the advice given to me by people like sandman, back when I was still taile_meiguoren. Ai yo that was a long time ago! Back when still had a forum populated by both the people who actually knew what they were talking about…and the people like battle-scarred. From one old newbie to a new one, welcome!

Welcome, Kushluk.

And thank you for posting the nice note of thanks to Forumosa.

Looking forward to reading your posts and contributions to this online community.

Thanks for the thanks, Kushluk.

Hey Kushluck,

That is a really nice post you got there. I’m sure the founders/administrators of this site really appreciate your positive feedback.

I wish you a great time in Taiwan and feel free to post your thoughts and questions anytime.