An urgent request - from our beloved forumosan Dragonbones

An urgent request from our beloved forumosan @Dragonbones, who needs assistance as soon as possible. He wrote in the dedicated thread:

I URGENTLY need A- blood donors to donate at their local hospital (call for an appt., then go in) ASAP.

Please help if you can!



How does one get their blood type checked after traditional working hours?

One can simply donate if eligible. Many Europeans might be excluded due to Variant Creutzfeldt–Jakob disease - Wikipedia
The blood will be tested and you will receive a report to your email. That will list the blood type as well as the results for several tests for transmittable diseases.


going tomorrow. not sure what they will say or do. but I assume my legally clean blood cna be used. it’s always good to do. I just dislike having to request they wear gloves and pay attention to hygenic standards. it is why I stopped donating.blood in Taiwan tears ago. but any excuse to get back is a good one. donating blood is really a great thing I just dont want hep or some other disease/infection due to staffing issues on hygiene. after all, the idea is to relieve the health care strain, not add to it.

but in the meantime is there something specific we can do or help with? More information is better. I know it’s a tough spot for this member, no stress. but for those just dropping in, what can be done to help smooth the all to often rough process?

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Willing to go this week when I can and get checked out and donate, no matter my blood type. But can we make this a link on the top of the page instead of just a notice that the thread exists? Might get more people. Not sure if that is possible. But just asking.


Great suggestion, done.


Just get the word out.


pls keep donating A- in Taiwan

i am getting regular Hb transfusions but often they don’t have enough in the blood bank here, so if you are A- it will help me a lot

other foreign patients will also need similar help from.any Rh negative donors, as Rh neg are rare here


Anyone know if us Brits are able to give blood yet?


We cannot

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