Anaheim chile or good substitute?

I’m in the mood for a chile relleno like I used to get back home (Los Angeles). Since I’ve never seen these sold in any of the Mexican restaurants I’ve been to in Taiwan, I decided to try to make them myself.

The recipe calls for Anaheim chiles. Has anyone seen those sold here, or, can you recommend a substitute that can be found in Taiwan? Thanks.

I was just talking the other day about the lack of pepper varieties here. It’s one thing that hasn’t caught on.

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Huh. I like how a commonly listed substitute is poblano chilis. Not exactly helpful in Taiwan, I guess?

These are stuffed chiles, right? I think your best way forward is using green peppers and maybe add some canned green chiles into the sauce.

There are also pretty big green chiles available here - not the normal hot peppers, but something bigger. I’m not sure how they taste. If you’re using Anaheim for taste, I may give those a shot, but they’re certainly too small for stuffing.

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I was actually considering using green bell peppers but thought they would be too mild. Adding the canned green chiles is a good idea!

There is a lot here just not in supermarkets cause the agents they pay tend to be dinosaurs buying whatever stuff their friends factories pump out. Try googling.

We have over 15 varieties this year and all are already presold.

Have seen some greenish yellow last time up in taipei. Rx mart or jasons, forgot. They looked like banana peppers a bit.

I guess the issue with many traditional taiwanese chili are they are mostly cayenne/brids eye and have that long skinny shape, not ideal for stuffing. We developed a super massive jalapeno but sold it to another company last year. There is some fun stuff here :wink:

I haven’t really noticed them in markets. I think I know those greenish yellow ones you mean, they seem to be around. I like those “dou fu jiao” ones, not hot

They are actually pretty good. No idea the name though.

The tofu peppers you see. Arent they just regular bell/sweet pepper?

Googling 豆腐椒 lead me here…oh god i am hungry now.

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Sorry, remembered wrong. Just asked my local expert, they’re “nuomi jiao” 糯米椒. They’re long green thin and knobby.

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Ohhh ya. Those are great in tofu dishes! Bit troublesome for stuffing though.

Jalapeno should be hitting supermarkets next year. Not sure how many others are growing them but we are sending lots up north starting cny. All the specialty kinds there are people growing but mostly via mail order. One thing i notice a lot in taiwan is that if seeds are not bought from commercial seed companies then most the chilis here wont stay consistant year to year due to hybridization. Certain crops here are really troublesome here like peppers, corn etc. And slightly more niche varieties arent often available here in seed form.


They were in supermarkets in Taipei for a few months, perhaps two years ago. That was nice. Then they disappeared.

I tried googling and didn’t find anything helpful, or at least not with my bad Chinese. Any other leads for mail order?

@tempogain, those are the ones I was thinking of:

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There are a few here, in english.

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As mentioned, City Super sometimes have large green wax peppers that will probably do the job.

For obscure pepper varieties, just grow your own in a pot on the balcony. They’re super easy. Go with a 10L (or bigger) pot for best results.

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