Anchor screw question



The anchor is plastic going into vinyl. Already damaged one of them trying to hammer it in. Would you keep going? Or buy a larger drill bit so you can push it in the wall more easily.

Get at me.


Is the vinyl just a few mm thick? I just mean it looks like the anchor has nothing to grab onto inside, like it’s hollow underneath.


I don’t see why it should break, but if it’s too tight and the previous one broke… try another drill. Can’t you still use the broken one? if it’s inside the wall, you just need to screw it.

I understood something totally different when I read the title.


Like one of the two little anchor/hooks on the side got damaged because the hole was too small. Yes the vinyl is thin-ish but it’ll be hanging something fairly lightweight.


The top of those anchors is supposed to be a little flexible, but it does look like it may not fit exactly.

You probably could just twist in a screw hook of some sort, it might just rip into the vinyl easily. Or a hook with a nail on it. Something like this:


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Try putting a small amount of mineral oil on the anchor before hammering it into the vinyl board (very light coating).


Exaaactly, we’re not handymen, hombre.

Tried a larger drill bit, the anchor then went in fine but as soon as a screw was drilled into the anchor (no matter how slow), they both fell into the hole. Sigh.


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Best of luck!


Get a hook with an adhesive tape on the back, a good one they are normally kg rated, it will also cover that mess of a hole you just made :grin:


Haha, steps ahead of you shaun. 12lbs rating (overkill). It fell off. The vinyl doesn’t do adhesive.


If there is nothing behind that plastic then an anchor has nothing to anchor to.

It won’t stick to that surface correctly as it’s not flat, it also appears to have either mold or dirt spots which won’t help at all.

If whatever you’re trying to hang is not heavy that a double ended hook (ooeerrr) in the hole you’ve already drilled is probably your best bet.


surface layer has probably got a easy clean coating, a bit of sandpaper would sort that out.
either that or you need a plasterboard type fixing to distribute the weight more evenly on the back as that small plug will fall out also.


I was going for a more visual pleasing finish

but if you just want to hang your meat on it a “S” hook will be fine :cut_of_meat:


@SuperS54 Can’t have it hang off like that unfortunately, has to be flush (or as close) to the surface as possible. Wouldn’t be secure otherwise.

My line of thought. But also, it’d be more accessible and vulnerable to theft if it hangs off something that dangles. And it shouldn’t dangle.

Actually, I might take another trip to Home Depot in the morning for whole new set of anchor and screws.


toggle-style drywall anchors.


Duct tape.


Try asking the DIY shop for a ‘blind fastener’. There are all sorts of variants on the concept, but the basic idea is that it’s a two-part fastener with a nut that can be pushed through the fixing hole from one side of the workpiece, and the act of inserting the screw/bolt tightens it against the workpiece. An anchor is similar except that it expands outwards, whereas the nut of a blind fastener is drawn towards the workpiece surface.

They’re normally used for sheet metal, but there must be something similar for what you’re doing.


Could always take the ah huang approach and slather rapid curing two part epoxy over the surface and hang whatever it is there forever!