And yet again...another shooting rampage in the USA


People surprised that a machine gun, a weapon of war, can kill or injure hundreds of people?


Perpetrator was 64 years old. That was quite a rifle he used.

That he shot with such accuracy from a 32 floor room is unbelievable.


Not really. He was shooting into a massive crowd, a huge target. Shooting from above ensured that he had a clean line of sight to the target. The distance isn’t all that greater than if he had been at ground level.

I heard he had ten rifles in the room.


This is NBC so… but…

The shooting is not believed to be connected to international terrorism, NBC News has learned.


NPR reports almost the same.

According to his brother he had no known political or religious bent. Unless there is paper trail somewhere, that is what we are left with.

One spot I read guessed he was probably going through a divorce and just snapped.


It is hard to imagine a 64-year-old former accountant from Nevada converting to Islam and being radicalized, but who knows? Considering the amount of guns and ammo found in the room, the attack was obviously carefully planned and executed.

A law enforcement expert on the news was saying that the type of automatic rifle used in the attack couldn’t have been attained legally, raising the possibility of some kind of criminal or terrorist connection. One of the talking heads speculated that the shooter may just really hate country music. Not very funny.


Ugh, really?

It’s certainly imaginable. There seems to be some confidence behind the NBC statement, so perhaps authorities have some information that excludes the possibility. But we’ll have to wait for more info.


I just can’t imagine a weapon capable of stealing 58 lives - numbers keep going up - with 515 injured … at such distance and not being a bomb. And they say the guy was not militarily trained.

Heck, in warfare, most people involved say it is hard to hit a target. Yet this guy carried 7 rifles and who knows how many bullets to kill so many. Like a video game, how many coins do you have to invest to get to the next level. Unbelievable.


I did not think there was such a thing as an illegally owned gun in Nevada.


According to the expert, fully automatic rifles are banned under federal law, which takes precedence over any state law, or lack thereof.


Since when do red states follow federal law? I thought federal rules did not apply in Nevada per Bundy, et al.


Nevada isn’t a red state, but I’m sure you can buy just about anything in Vegas if you want it bad enough.


You can buy anything you want anywhere, if you look hard enough…and have enough cash.

It is interesting though…I once worked with a guy who was so anti-government that Rush Limbaugh was a bleeding heart socialist. He removed the stop lights and turn signals from his car because it was no ones business but his when he was going to stop and which way he was going to turn. Yet, I mentioned he should buy a fully automatic AK-47 or whatever, and he sternly said “Oh, no, That is against federal law.”

It is only a matter of time before both sides start clamoring “This wouldn’t have happened if we had more/less gun laws.” Hell, probably already has.


It started hours ago. But at least all the talking heads have the decency to say “It’s probably too early to start talking about gun laws, but…” :sunglasses:


The preface is always important. “I do not mean to complain, but…”

I think we should put aside the debate for a couple of days. Let’s figure this mess out a bit, let people grieve in peace…THEN we can argue about it.

But the conspiracy theories are already making their way out.


“But it’s not the guns.” Yes, it’s the guns.


Another reason why Canada is a better place to migrate to, no guns.


Automatic and semi automatic weapons are designed to kill groups of people efficiently.
They were designed for war.
You give people tools of mass destruction some of the crazies are going to use them.

There is NOTHING surprising about this.

My theory at the moment is the guy ‘flipped at society’ similar to what happens occasionally in Taiwan and China but here they just have access to knives.


My theory is also that he was a person who was seeing no “meaning” in his life, even though he was successful apparently. Had rental properties. HIs dad was on the top ten FBI wanted list and this may have meant something for him.

Seems to be a sad , old man who didn’t value his life or anyone else’s seeking to go out “in a blaze of glory” so to speak. LIke slaughtering innocent people is a blaze of glory.

CAn’t be famous? Be inFamous I guess.

He didn’t want to be nobody anymore. Now the world reads about him.


I just saw this.

No religious affiliation. No political affiliation. And still no motive. I guess this guy’s only vice was that he liked to gamble.